Custom Consulting

The Leader Connections team provides a number of high impact services for executives faced with challenges they believe we can help them solve. Below are some examples:

  • Launching new business projects within China:
    An international law firm (800 members) recently opened an office in Shanghai China and was interested in meeting Chairmen and Chief Executives from China who were opening offices and doing business in the States. After understanding this law firm’s industry focus and their core competencies, Our team members created a custom CEO Forum and invited over 50 Chairmen/CEOs who traveled from China to California to meet with senior partners of the law firms. With proper coaching and follow up programs, this international law firm was retained by some of the in-bound Chinese state-owned and private enterprises.

  • Launching new business projects within the US:
    One of the largest Chinese consumer products manufacturers (USD12 Billion annual revenue) wanted to identify a strategic joint venture partner with strong retail experiences and capital to open their first company store in New York City. Our team members identified three potential partners and subsequently signed a Memo of Understanding with one of them to create a joint venture partnership. In less than six months, the joint venture was signed and today they have a successful retail presence in New York City.

  • Expanding One’s US Business:
    An international company recently wanted to forge closer relationships with key company CFOs and CIOs in order to share best practice and ideas concerning business trends and product need. Leader Connections was engaged to organize and facilitate a quarterly evening meeting program in which the senior executives of the host company could meet with leaders from 20+ industry leaders, and potential customers.

  • Coaching Leaders to Project a Stronger C-level Image:
    A controller of a key division of a large public company was promoted to be the CFO. With the new position came not only new responsibilities but also a new way of relating to his staff, peers in other divisions and Senior Corporate Financial and Investor Relations Executives. A Leader connections team member became his image-management coach, focusing on the many ways project a "C-level" image.
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